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Pregnancy Exercise Tips

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Healthy Pregnancy and Exercise

Maternity Active Wear!

At Fit Maternity we have some of the most versatile and comfortable high performance maternity workout clothing available. The Fit Maternity staff and testers have worked hard to create a large selection of maternity exercise tights, maternity workout shirts, prenatal yoga wear, maternity lap swimsuits, and more. We also stock hard to find products like sports nursing bras and maternity padded bike shorts. You are sure to find the perfect selection for your activity of choice during your pregnancy.

Exercise during pregnancy is accepted as a healthy practice for women without contradictions. At Fit Maternity we want to provide you with the maternity wourkout clothes and nursing wear to help you stay comfortable, active, and feeling attractive during your nine month journey and beyond.

Your pregnancy fitness program can be the stepping stone to better health for you and your baby. The studies show that working out while pregnant has many benefits such as controlling weight gain, reduced back pain, easier delivery, and a quick postpartum recovery. (See maternity exercise tips on side bar). The right clothes can make your maternity workouts more enjoyable. Why not get started today!

- Laurie Bagley, Founder

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Maternity Clothes on Sale

Maternity Support Belt

    • Gabrialla
    • Special $32.00
  • Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt

Maternity Racer Tank

    • High Moisture Transport
    • Sale $39.00
  • Maternity Rouched Workout Top

Maternity Running Tights

    • form fitting
    • $74.00
  • Maternity Warm UP Jacket

Maternity Running Jacket

    • Premium Supplex
    • $79.00
  • Maternity Warm UP Jacket

Maternity Swimsuit

    • EQ One Piece
    • $61.00 -64.00
  • EQ Maternity Swimsuit One Piece

Maternity Workout V-Neck

    • Soft Stretch
    • $34.00
  • Maternity Workout V-neck
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